Welcome to our design portfolio page.

On this page, you will find examples of our work that we have had the privilege to do for our clients.

Product design portfolio,

Within our product design portfolio, you will find examples of our work in areas such as electronic enclosures, machinery enclosures, robots, and much more. Sometimes, they are our own ideas that we develop, mainly interior-related products like lamps or cabinets. For our clients, we work on various products ranging from milk frothers to refrigerators. Whether it’s an existing product or an innovative new one, we love the challenge.

Mobility design portfolio,

Within our mobility design portfolio, you will find designs of interiors and exteriors of trams, trains, trucks, cars, and submarines. Mobility is truly our passion. Whether it’s fueled by petrol, hydrogen, or electricity, if it moves, we enjoy designing it. Alongside U-boat Worx, we won the RedDot Best of the Best concept award in the Mobility category with NEMO, a compact yet beautifully designed submarine made in Breda. You can find this remarkable design in our U-boat Worx design portfolio.

Medical design portfolio,

Since 2008, we have been working on medical products. It started with a coffee drinking aid for people with rheumatism. Now, we have created a special 3D printer capable of producing new wearable medical products. Think helmets for people with epilepsy and splints for people with rheumatism. With this machine, we aim to provide the medical instrument maker with digitally made products in the future. The ultimate goal is to achieve a better fit, higher quality, greater comfort, and longer lifespan at a reduced cost.

Additionally, we are able to alleviate manual labor and assist the associated specialists by taking on simple tasks, which is a promising prospect considering the current difficulty in finding personnel.

If you would like more information about this machine and its capabilities, please feel free to contact us: +31 6 17544428

We are very proud to work for, among others:

Tata Steel, Imbema, Zuyd Hogeschool, U-boat Worx, 4DB, Provincie Noord Holland, Veronica, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz and many others.