“Bicycle design competition, such as the International Bicycle Design Competition in 2004 and 2010, is very inspiring to participate in.”

Bicycle Design: Hybrid 2004

Developed in 2004 for participation in the IBDC (International Bicycle Design Competition) from Taiwan.

With this concept, we made it to the finals among the top 15 designs worldwide.
Advancing to the finals required creating a miniature model. A 1:4 scale model of this bike was made and eventually sent to Taiwan, allowing ABID to participate in the final evaluation.

What is Hybrid? Hybrid is an electrically powered bicycle. However, the battery is not only charged via the mains, but also through pedal motion that drives a dynamo. A kind of modern hand-crank generator.

Hybrid is a single-person two-wheeled “vehicle” ideal for commuting. It reaches a speed of 45 km/h.

The driver is partially covered, but with zip-on side windows, the waterproofing can be increased. This ensures that with Hybrid, comfort is higher than with a regular electric bike. The bike has storage space like a scooter. A large lithium-ion battery pack ensures that the bike’s range, combined with the dynamo function, is infinite.

Because Hybrid is not completely enclosed but partially covered, it offers more comfort during exertion than a fully enclosed vehicle.

Exertion in a fully enclosed vehicle often results in a very uncomfortable experience. Due to the lack of fresh air, one tends to sweat excessively, and the transparent canopy traps heat from the sun, making it even more uncomfortable. Hybrid, however, avoids all of these issues due to a specific design choice. It is partially enclosed to shield against heavy rain, but intentionally allows the driving wind to enter, providing necessary cooling.

Hybrid High-Comfort Bike

Year: 2003-2004
Client: IBDC
Outcome: Finalist & Merit Prize winner

Bicycle Design: Mommy Daddy Bike 2010

Developed in 2010 for our second participation in a bicycle design competition, the Runride Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) from Taiwan.
Unfortunately, this concept did not make it to the finals; nonetheless, it’s an interesting concept.
The technology builds on Hybrid in terms of propulsion and energy storage. But this bike is a completely different concept than Hybrid.

The bike is specially designed as a mommy/daddy bike for urban use, suitable for small living spaces.

In addition to being electrically powered, with human “range extender,” the bike has several remarkable features:

Spokeless design, allowing us to place bike bags in the heart of the wheel. These bags fold when not in use and unzip to form sturdy bags for groceries when needed. This way, you always have your bags with you, but they don’t get in the way.

The handlebar is made foldable so that the bike can be easily stored in a hallway. It can be placed fully against the wall to make it as narrow as possible, fitting into most upper-floor apartments’ hallways without catching on the handlebar as you walk by.

The child seats are designed as hammocks, made of EVA hanging in a frame for the kids.

Phone holders provide navigation options and entertainment for the children.

For Hybrid, we made a 1:4 mockup model, but not yet for the mommy/daddy bike. However, that is on our wish list. Who knows, we might 3D print a nice model soon.

Mommy & Daddy Bike

Year: 2010
Client: IBDC
Outcome: gained inspiration and had a lot of fun designing this idea.


2004 Finalist Hybrid got awarded with the “Merit” prize by IBDC

fietsontwerp hybrid 2004
fietsontwerp Papa/mama fiets