“The collaboration between U-Boat Worx and ABID resulted in a Best of the Best RedDot award-winning concept in 2020.”

U-Boat Worx (website U-boat)

For the magnificent Breda-based company U-Boat Worx, ABID has been collaborating for several years on the design language and styling of submarines.

With Nemo, U-Boat Worx and ABID won a RedDot Best of the Best concept award in the category “Mobility and Transportation.”

At ABID, we love working on products that are in motion (Our mobility portfolio). To be able to contribute to such a special vehicle as a submarine and then win a prestigious design award with that design brings us satisfaction and a sense of pride.

For Nemo, we drew inspiration from the lines used in supercars. Think of the sharp edges of Lamborghini and the voluptuous lines and surface approach of a Ferrari. These types of cars captivate the imagination of many and fit well with the type of product that Nemo is and especially the clients that Nemo will attract. Mostly people who have several supercars in their garage and now also the coolest submarine that exists!

Nemo will be a relatively small submarine, with space for two people.

U-Boat Worx Nemo

“Interactive 3D model, move the model with the mouse or your fingers, double-click for full-screen view.”

U-boat Worx Nemo

At just 2,500 kg, the NEMO is the lightest manned submarine ever conceived. With its low profile, the submarine stands only 1.55 meters (5 feet) above the deck. Due to these two main characteristics, the NEMO is suitable for a much wider range of applications and fits on a greater variety of ships. And because of its low weight, the NEMO can even be towed behind a car.

The NEMO is the only serially produced submarine in the world, while custom submarines are built to order. The NEMO should be readily available after the initial production demand is met. With this serial approach, you can become the owner of a NEMO starting at €975,000 (excluding VAT).

Nemo will be able to dive to a depth of 100 meters in the near future.


Best of the Best RedDot concept design award 2020


Year: 2019-2020
Client: U-Boatworx
Status: Available”