Welcome to design | create | inspire ABID’s YouTube channel

Your gateway to a world where alcohol markers, pastels, and pencils converge on a blank sheet of paper, turning ideas into tangible wonders with the aid of cutting-edge digital techniques.

Immerse yourself in the artistic realm of industrial design as we sketch with VR goggles, craft concept art on digital drawing screens, sculpt in 3D-realistic environments, and bring drawings to life through 3D printing and prototyping.

Embark on a sensory journey where the soothing whispers of ASMR blend with the excitement of design innovation. Let’s embark on a creative voyage together, where every stroke and click resonates with inspiration.

Find your peace in designs coming to life before your eyes, accompanied by the ASMR sounds of the creative process, and learn new techniques through our tutorial videos. Design | Create | Inspire, for those who love design!

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