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Welcome to ABID | Alexander Bannink Industrial Design, an award-winning industrial design studio located in Heemstede, a village near Haarlem.

Since our establishment in 2003, we have been dedicated to realizing innovative product solutions and inspiring companies with creative ideas and strategies for product development.

Our Expertise

At ABID, we specialize in a wide range of product developments, ranging from household appliances to furniture, and from submarines to public transportation concepts. With a passion for design and a keen eye for detail, we work daily to bring our clients’ dreams to fruition. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Product strategy and target audience analysis: We assist you in determining a clear strategy and thoroughly understanding your target audience. This is essential to ensure that your product is not only functional but also commercially successful.
  • Creative and brainstorming sessions: Our sessions are designed to generate innovative ideas and further develop your product. Through creative techniques and collaborations, we encourage out-of-the-box thinking and groundbreaking concepts.
  • Design thinking and vision board creation: We guide you in visualizing your ideas and sketching concepts. By utilizing mood boards and vision boards, we bring your vision to life and create a clear picture of the direction in which your product will evolve.
  • Idea sketching and creation: Generating various ideas through numerous drawings and sketches, both by hand and using digital tools. We employ “old-school” techniques such as markers, pencils, paper, and pastel chalk, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as Wacom drawing tablets and software like Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.
  • 3D modeling and CAD design: We utilize advanced software such as Rhino 3D and Fusion 360 to create accurate and detailed 3D models. This enables us to visualize and refine complex designs before they go into production.
  • 3D visualization and animation: Our visual presentations and animations bring your concepts to life, providing a realistic depiction of how the final product will look and function. This aids in making well-informed decisions during the design process.
  • Prototyping and digital fabrication: With our state-of-the-art 3D printers and manufacturing techniques, we can create working prototypes in any desired scale. This allows us to iterate quickly and efficiently on designs, testing the functionality and ergonomics of the product before it goes into mass production.

Innovation in Every Design

At ABID, we believe that good design is always achievable and focuses on the needs of the customer and the market. Our creative process is centered around discovering unique approaches and crafting timeless, logical designs that make both visual and emotional impact. Our designs span from vehicles and household appliances to furniture and mobile spaces, and we approach each project with the same dedication and attention to detail.

Discover our Creative World on YouTube

We invite you to follow our artistic journey on our YouTube channel, where the magic of industrial design comes to life. From traditional sketches with alcohol markers and pastel chalk to advanced digital techniques, you’ll see it all. Dive into the world of VR sketching, 3D sculpting, and experience how our concepts become tangible through 3D printing and prototyping. Be inspired by the soothing sounds of the design process and learn new techniques through our instructional videos. Design | Create | Inspire.

Awards and Recognition

Our innovative designs have led to numerous awards and recognitions, including:

  • Telegraaf Design Competition (2002/2003): 3rd place with the design ‘Symmetric’, exhibited at the Amsterdam Motorshow. This was an early confirmation of Alexander’s ability to create innovative and functional car designs.
  • Runride Bicycle Design Competition (2004/2005): Merit Prize with the design ‘Hybrid’. This project highlighted our skills in combining aesthetics and functionality in an environmentally friendly design.
  • BTB Business Plan Competition (2011): Winner with the product ‘CoffeeGrip‘ for arthritis patients. This project illustrates our commitment to improving the quality of life for arthritis patients through thoughtful and empathetic design solutions.
  • RedDot Concept Design Award Best of the Best (2020): Winner with the submersible ‘Nemo’ by U-Boat Worx. This prestigious award recognizes our ability to achieve groundbreaking and inspiring design for our clients that resonates internationally.

Our Design Philosophy

At ABID, we don’t blindly adhere to design mantras such as ‘form follows function’ or ‘the best designs are simple’. Instead, we embrace complexity and intensity in our designs, particularly in transport design, where conveying passion and emotion is essential. Our designs are a harmonious symphony of shapes and lines, telling a captivating story to your customers and users.

A Journey from Idea to Product

At ABID, every project begins with an in-depth conversation to gain a thorough understanding of your product and vision. We assist you with comprehensive analysis, followed by a creative phase where we translate your ideas into hundreds of sketches. These sketches are then refined, and selected concepts are developed into manufacturable products that meet your requirements and desires.

Our advanced visualizations, VR presentations, and digital fabrication techniques support the development of your chosen concept. With working prototypes and precise digital files, we guide you towards the mass production of your product. Our goal is to ensure that every detail of your design is executed perfectly, from the initial sketch to the final product.

Inspiring and Educating

For over 21 years, ABID has been inspiring businesses and students with innovative ideas and design techniques. As a guest lecturer at various academies and universities, Alexander Bannink shares his extensive knowledge of creativity, the design process, 3D printing, and automotive design. Through these educational activities, we contribute to the development of the next generation of designers and innovators.


Are you curious or do you have a great idea you want to bring to life? Alexander is ready to assist you with advice, brainstorming sessions, and creative solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information:

Phone: +31 6 17544428

Email: info@alexanderbannink.com


At ABID | Alexander Bannink Industrial Design, we aim for innovative and impactful designs that distinguish your brand. With our expertise in product development, advanced technologies, technical knowledge, and a passion for creativity, we help you transform your ideas into successful products. Let’s work together on the future of design and bring your product innovations to life!

ABID’s Elevator Pitch

ABID is an industrial design studio based in Heemstede, founded in 2003. We serve companies that manufacture their own products, own brands, or have a new product idea. Through our creative process, we conceive new ideas and develop them into sketches and 3D models. Using VR, 3D printers, and digital design software, we bring your ideas to life. We are hands-on, creative, and flexible, always putting you and your market first. Proud winners of the RedDot Best of the Best Award for the submersible ‘Nemo’. Let’s work together to bring your product dreams to life!

This text provides a comprehensive overview of the services and philosophy of ABID | Alexander Bannink Industrial Design, emphasizing our commitment to innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction. We hope this information gives you a clear understanding of what we do and how we can help bring your product ideas to life.