“The Blue tram used to run in the Kennemerland region. ABID wants to reintroduce it.”

The Blue Tram

A collective name for the trams that operated between 1881 and 1961 in the area between ScheveningenDen HaagLeidenKatwijkNoordwijkHaarlemZandvoortAmsterdamPurmerendEdam, and Volendam. This Blue Tram had a dark blue color from 1924 onwards.

In the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, the Blue Tram was a crucial transportation artery in the region. Its fast and high-frequency tram services made living in commuter towns like Voorburg and Overveen attractive, in an era when, for most people, the bicycle was the fastest private mode of transportation.

The Blue Tram thus made a significant contribution to the development of commuter towns in the area. During the crisis period, NZH (the tram operator) maintained customer loyalty by reducing fares several times. The tram also played a role in the emerging tourism in the region. NZH, in collaboration with other transportation companies, provided attractive day trips, such as a combined boat-tram tour from Amsterdam to Volendam and Marken in the summer. For beachgoers, the tram to Scheveningen, Katwijk, Noordwijk, or Zandvoort was ready. Extra capacity was often deployed on days with favorable beach weather.

Source: Wikipedia

“Interactive 3D model, move the model with the mouse or your fingers, double-click for full-screen view.”

ABID Design

Before the establishment of ABID in 2003, Alexander Bannink worked in a company that designed trams and trains. It was a wonderful experience!

From an early age, Alexander was exposed to the “train virus” because his father, Bob, had a great love for locomotives and trains. Until Bob’s passing (1948-2019), they worked together on a miniature railway. Trains and trams were the talk of the day. Being able to work on train concepts professionally was fantastic!

The love for public transportation concepts and ideas is significant. With this blue tram concept, our design firm showcases what design can do for public transportation solutions.

ABID’s blue tram aims to offer high-frequency, high-quality public transportation in the Kennemerland region. By introducing very luxurious interiors and trams, we aim to entice the people of Haarlem and Bloemendaal to leave their cars behind and enjoy a tram ride through the beautiful landscapes and hotspots of our region. A tram can gracefully navigate through the landscape, whether it’s through grass in a park or even “over” water. By keeping the tram short and providing high frequency, we create a sense of luxury along the routes. It’s an experience for the region.

Passengers won’t have to wait long due to the high frequency, and by possibly developing “on-demand” public transportation, the region can embrace a greener future. This means more nature, fewer car movements, and better water management for the city.

From idea sketches to concept drawings and 3D models, we have developed the new blue tram in such a way that we hope to inspire you. The 3D printed model of the blue tram is displayed in our office showcase.

Project: Blauwe tram

Client: Intern project

Year: 2010