A showcase of our craftsmanship.

The development and design of new products is an immensely creative journey.
At ABID, we have a deep passion for what we get to do every day.
We conceive innovations and beautifully crafted products that function and sell.

But how do we do that?

ABID | Alexander Bannink Industrial Design

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You have a good idea, no, you have a great idea, but is it really so?

Together with you, we will explore that… approaching it with an open mind and creativity.

Through design thinking, creative sessions, market research, and brainstorming, we will discover together what the market desires. So that you can structure your product development journey well and substantiated, and of course, we are very happy to assist you with that.

At ABID, we believe in visualization… so we graphically map out as many of these steps as possible.

Your desire is to create a well-functioning, efficient, high-quality, and marketable new product.

ABID starts with an analysis of your new product and/or your innovation challenge.

We outline product requirements, new and existing production techniques, your market, your target audience, and the “feel” of your future product.

At ABID, we believe in visualization… so we graphically map out as many of these steps as possible.

ABID will develop your idea, and for that, we use drawing as a means of communication.

For our sketches, we employ “old school” drawing materials such as markers, pastels, and colored pencils, as well as digital techniques and programs with our Wacom drawing screens and Painter software.

Ideas are developed at various sketch levels, from very rough to detailed…

We ensure that there’s something to choose from and that you can work with us towards a concept based on well-founded sketch choices. We use the analysis to support the choice, and the sketches to visualize your product.

ABID loves the concept phase.

Everything comes together here: creativity, thinking differently, the sketches, the analysis, everything!
We create a striking visual and explain all the details. Sometimes we create one concept, and sometimes several.
Based on our concepts, people are inspired, investments are secured, and an idea suddenly becomes a clear image and vision.

For us, a design can remain in the concept phase, just as a distant view, as a future vision. But it’s more enjoyable when we can take a concept further.

ABID specializes in creating visuals.

From hand-drawn sketches to digital drawings, from 3D renderings to animations, and from VR presentations to physically printed products.

We enjoy bringing your products, ideas, and services to life.

Whether it’s for a presentation, website, or client experience, we ensure the right vibe is achieved.

Ideas are exciting, designs are beautiful, and the sketches are wonderful…

All of this is meaningless if the product/design cannot be made.

At ABID, we develop ideas into “manufacturable” products using our 3D software packages.

Whether it’s rotational molding, low-pressure casting, 3D printing, CNC milling, or injection molding, ABID ensures the right CAD files are created.

Within ABID, we work with Rhinoceros, Fusion 360, Keyshot, Unity, Unreal, Gravity Sketch, and we also have knowledge of Solidworks.

By utilizing digital manufacturing techniques, we are able to verify each step of the process with a physical (scaled) model. Sometimes low in detail (for example, after the ideation phase) and sometimes filled with detail (after engineering, we often create 1:1 prototypes, the pinnacle of the “create” process).

ABID employs laser cutting, multi-axis milling, 3D printing, and multi-axis 3D printing for this purpose.

Through our digital manufacturing capabilities, we turn your ideas and products into reality. We provide you with valuable insights into your product and its opportunities. Furthermore, we can continue development until we reach a production-ready product.

ABID is developing its own 7-axis 3D printer suitable for creating wearables. For more information about this, we invite you to contact us.

ABID has various digital fabrication techniques in-house.

With these, we build prototypes.

We assemble them manually using adhesives or smart connections.
We create low-pressure casting pieces in 3D-printed molds and produce vacuum form molds from 3D-printed heat-resistant materials.
For each design, we determine which technique to use to create the most lifelike model.

Additionally, we finish these models through painting and finishing.
From gluing, puttying, and varnishing to 3D CNC milling and printing, ABID applies these methods to create unparalleled products for you.

ABID | design create inspire