“Truck design is our passion; we enjoy contemplating the future of transportation.”

Truck design

“In 1986-1987, as a 9-year-old child, I witnessed a truck racing through the desert for the first time in my life… It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. This truck overtook a rally car and reached speeds exceeding 200 km/h, named the DAF Turbotwin 2. With its unique truck design, it left a lasting impression. It was Jan de Rooij’s Paris-Dakar truck, representing a Dutch brand, DAF, as my father told me.

Not long after, my father woke me up; the DAF designer was on TV discussing the Dakar and truck designs of DAF… I was captivated. From that moment on, I wanted to become a truck designer at DAF.

As a child, I spent a lot of time drawing and learning about becoming a designer, coached by my dear father, Bob. We visited all the fairs in the Netherlands where designers could be found, such as the Autorai and Truckrai. In 1988, our family was invited to DAF in Eindhoven, where I had the opportunity to visit the engineering department and saw a CAD station for the first time… WOW! In 2001-2002, I had the privilege of completing my IPO education at the DAF Design Centre. The circle was complete.

Today, when I teach, I always wish my students to have a “coach for life” at the end of the day, just like I had in my father, Bob (1948-2019). It’s more valuable than any material possessions they could wish for.”

Alexander Bannink

Interactive 3D model: maneuver the model with your mouse or fingertips, double-click for full-screen view.

Concept long haul truck, truck design by ABID

At ABID, we find alternative propulsion systems fascinating because they offer an opportunity to completely reimagine a vehicle, giving it a whole new configuration and appearance. Many automotive designers showcase the most extravagant sports cars and automotive designs, but in reality, that’s not very interesting. It often involves arranging styling elements into a cohesive whole, adding a touch of aggression and allure, and calling it a day. Such a concept doesn’t do much, doesn’t change the world, and is often not thought through beyond creating a pleasing image. Of course, there are exceptions.

That’s why we find truck design so compelling at ABID!

For our long haul concept, we’ve designed a truck with 6 electric motors in the wheels, a battery pack placed in the cabin walls, double floors, and a range extender. The extender operates on biofuels.

This greatly extends the range, and more importantly, we no longer have a large diesel engine under the driver’s cabin.

We’re able to provide the driver with a very luxurious interior, including a shower, seating area, state-of-the-art audio system, TV, and a fully comfortable bed. There could even be a toilet and a kitchen on board. You could call it an integrated camper with a heavy transport twist.

The elevated position of the driver provides excellent visibility, and the latest autonomous driving technologies can be incorporated.

The result is an extraordinary truck that we were able to showcase in silver in 2009 and again in a redesigned version in 2014, now complete with interior sketches.

Under the banners of transportation design and mobility design, ABID has had the privilege of working on many magnificent vehicles over the past 20 years, from submarines, trams, and race cars to mobile showrooms. For us, this isn’t work; it’s our passion!

Truck pictures as shown in Gallery

Daf turbotwin 2

Alexander’s (at the age of 9 ) design for future truck 1987

Alexander’s concept designs:

Hydrogen version 1: 2003

Mercedes Concept: 2008

Long haul truck design: 2009-2015

Ligthart trailer design: 2008-2017